Making a difference on an individual patient and their disease. Everyone is different and we have to take that into account when prescribing treatment. Dispelling inaccuracies about cancer and its prognosis. We can turn a bad disease into more of a manageable, chronic disease in many circumstances.

College: University of Minnesota
Medical School: University of Minnesota
Residency: Barnes Hospital, St. Louis
Fellowship: Washington University
Special Interests:

All types of cancers and hematologic conditions.

Board Certification: Internal Medicine, Hematology, Medical Oncology

Personal Interests

I am passionate about exercise and diet and taking care of the body. I am a two time Ironman, and have qualified to run the Boston Marathon. I have had to face some serious dietary restrictions and have had to deal with it. I have come out stronger. I love travel and photography. Life is meant to be experienced. Exposure to different cultures and peoples makes you introspective about your own values and lifestyle choices.


My wife and daughter are my life. I am terribly proud of all my daughters accomplishments. She is at Duke University and had traveled abroad for study and is truly changing the world around her.


I enjoy giving my time in showing people the beauty of exercise. I am active in our multisport club and enjoy giving advice and helpful hints about how to be more efficient and better at each phase of triathlon.

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